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Ski Tubes
SINGLE RIDER BOAT SKI TUBE: As the name states, single rider ski tubes accommodate only one rider. All single rider ski tubes tend to be high performance tubes due to their smaller size and weight. These one person boat tubes are more maneuverable and lighter than multi-person ski tubes. They are better suited for tricks, jumping, flying and high speeds. They make great ski tubes for jet skis because not much power is needed to tow them. Commonly, two friends will ride in separate single rider ski tubes behind the same boat and be towed at the same time. towable tubes. Single rider towable water tubes are often more affordable and take up less room for storage.

Single rider ski tubes can safely use a standard strength ski tube towing line and a standard towing harness. MULTI-RIDER SKI TUBE: These towable water ski tubes can accommodate anywhere from 2-6 people, depending on the make and design of the ski tube. These ski tubes are inherently larger, slower and heavier than single rider tubes. Multi-rider towable tubes are not as well-suited for tricks or flying, but they provide the ski tube riders with a much smoother ride. Multi-rider ski tubes are the sedans of the water tube world. Because of their size and stability, multi-rider ski tubes are great for families that want to slowly pull a group of kids. They are also good for a group of sociable adults who just want to relax and have a risk free time on the water. Multi-rider water ski tubes are larger, more expensive and bulkier to store. Note: Multi-person ski tubes require use of a heavy duty tow line and a heavy duty towing harness. Owners of these larger ski tubes must pay careful attention to the equipment weight and stress limitations. Without heavy duty lines, the ski tow rope will snap. The snapped line will fling back dangerously like a whip and injure tube riders if not properly monitored.

STANDARD BOAT SKI TUBE DESIGN: A standard boat ski tube is similar to a large inflatable inner tube. It may or may not have a "floor" on the "inside of the doughnut hole." The ski tube will have handles on top. Riders can lie on their stomachs across the top, sit with their rear in the "doughnut hole" or sit upright with their rear on the top of the ski tube and feet in the "doughnut hole." Standard boat tubes come in both single and multi-rider designs. DECK TUBE: A deck tube is a flat tube that's not unlike a mattress. There is no "doughnut hole." Riders lay on their stomachs. They hold on to the forward handles. These tubes get your face close to the water and give a greater sensation of speed. These towable ski tubes offer the best "high performance" features. "RIDE IN" TUBE: A "ride in" tube is similar to a small boat. Riders sit on a dry seat or floor, with the ski tube enclosed around them. SPECIALTY SKI TUBES Other fun water tube designs include stand-up chariots (such as the Sportsstuff Extreme Chariot or Sportsstuff Warbird 2 Ski Tube), inflatable kneeboards, ride-on-top jet skis (Bodyglove Mini TWC Towable Tube), hydrofoil boats and multi-rider "hot dogs” (Airhead 3 person water weenie).

Water Trampolines
A water trampoline has a jump surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs. A water trampoline can support heavier loads on the jump surface and will provide a higher jump than a water bouncer. All Island Hopper water trampolines are made of 1000 denier reinforced PVC material. These water trampolines are highly recommended for commercial operations because of their durability and safety. Unlike the bouncer, a water trampoline requires assembling the framed jump surface. This will take about 30 minutes additional set-up time.

Ski Tubes & Boat tubes
Ski tubes are becoming more and more popular every year. When seeing one of these towable ski tubes in action, it looks so much fun that it MUST be bought. Whether on the lake or in the ocean, boat tube riders will catch the attention and make other boaters jealous with your towable. Lucky for you, because of the popularity of ski tubes, more towable tubes are being created than ever before. Ski tubes are now made in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Choosing the right ski tube is a matter of knowing what you want to do with your tube, and how you want to look while riding your towable.