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Airhead Noodler 2

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Relax with the NOODLER Lounges, available in 1 and 2 person sizes. Cool off, kick back and enjoy the comfortable mesh seating. Slip your favorite cool beverage into the built in drink holder.

Flip the NOODLERs over and have a custom belly board to splash up some fun with! Heavy-duty K80 PVC construction with patented Speed Safety Valve allows you to inflate or deflate them quickly and easily.

If you want relaxation at the pool, beach, or lake this summer then the Sportsstuff NOODLER Lounges are your ticket to serenity. 54-1851: 1 person, 33 in. X 44 in. (deflated) 32 in. x 42 in. (inflated) 54-1852: 1-2 person, 55 in X 77 in (deflated) 54 in. X 71 in. (inflated)