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Boating For Life By James D. Thompson

Boating For Life By James D. Thompson
Who doesn't enjoy moving quietly over the blue and clear water? Watching the fishes jumping about in the water and feeling the fresh smell of sea. It can be both relaxing and exciting all at once. Many water sports require you to jump into the water. Boating however, enables you to come as close as possible to the water, without actually get wet (as long as it isn't raining).

Whether you are a lonely fisher or a super social explorer, boating is always fun. You can bring with you your friends or family, and fish, swim or simply just cruise around on the water enjoying a great time together with others. Bring with you a picnic and go ashore somewhere you couldn't have reached by car. Sit down in the beautiful nature and enjoy life.

Thrill seekers might find the situation described above a little boring. But wait, there is also much more to do while boating. Water is really the extreme sport element number one. Here is just a couple of thing you can do:

- Water skiing.

See how fast you can go with a pair of skies strapped around your legs. Make a competition. You can make a points system for doing a series of tricks, or you can simply let a friend of yours decide who did the best trick combination. Water skiing is easy to start with, but also offers great challenges.

- Rafting.

How crazy is it to jump of a waterfall and stay in the air for a couple of seconds before touching the water again? Rafting is not too hard, but it requires skill to master. And remember; don't jump off the biggest drops in the start, as it might be an unpleasant experience.

- Tube.

Imagine water skiing without having to hold your balance. A tube is a rubber ring attached to a long robe fastened to the boat. All the participant has to do, is to hold tight to the ring. It might be a bit scary, since it can feel like you are about to lose your grip and fly out of it. But don't worry; it isn't that easy to fall off.

Keep in mind that water skiing requires a motor boat; normally with more than 50 horsepower. Nevertheless, someone tried to ski behind a boat with rowers, and unbelievable the skier actually made it up on his feet. But don't attempt that at home. It was one of the greatest rowers in the UK.

If you want to use your boat on longer trips, it is highly recommended to have a boat with roof, as it might be a bit cold and uncomfortable to use a boat that only got a small windshield. Remember to dress well, as it often gets far colder out on the ocean when you are traveling with great speeds.

Go boating, and enjoy your life the real way!

James Thompson has spent his entire life living next to the sea. Boating has always been his greatest interest, and now he wants to share that with you. You can find more information about boaitng on http://www.theboatingmarine.com

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